Does Sutton Place Pet Boarding have pet pick and delivery service available?  Yes, locally. We do charge $10.00 each way for pick up and delivery.

Is Sutton Place Pet Boarding open on Holiday's?  Yes.  We are available all Holidays at normal sitting rates.

Where is Sutton Place Pet Boarding located?  We are Located on Tabor Road in Bluefield WV about a mile from Glenwood Park off of Sandlick Road?  Left on Tabor road,  pass one brick house and take right at black mail box,  252 Tabor Road.  Follow gravel road to top of hill.  We are located on a 100 acre farm with large fenced play areas and two home setting boarding areas.  We go on daily nature walks and pack walks as weather provides. 

Do I have to have an appointment?  Yes.  appointments are required.

Does Sutton Place Pet Boarding do a meet and greet prior to boarding?  Yes,  however,. Guests are not permitted inside the socialized facility with their dog.  You are asked to not pet, talk or make eye contact with boarded dogs.

What is Socialization of dogs?  Socialization is dogs of similar size playing with one another.  They actually do very well but it is important to not pet your dog or any other dogs thru the fence.  Dogs can and will get jealous and protective and may get in a scuffle.  In the event they do get in a fight the best thing to do is ignore it and let them work it out.  Any excitement you show can just escalate the energy of the fight.  We are always close by to handle any issues. 

How long does Socialization take?  It can take anywhere from 30 minutes to several days.  The more times your dog is socialized the easier it will be.

Do the socialized dogs fight?  They can.  They do best alone in their lot with supervision out of site but close by.  In any pack,  more than one dog,  there will be a dominate dog.  The dominate dog generally calls the shots and the rest of the pack will follow and if challenged will quickly realize the pack order and belly up.  The dominate dog will move on and in less than 2 minutes and be back to playing as normal.

Can two dominate dogs play together?  That is asking for trouble.  It's rare that you will have a challenge of dominancy but it definitely can happen.  We take considerable amount of time watching, observing body language and making a determination of who can play with who.  Are we ever wrong?  Yes, we are human just like any handler and any animal can be unpredictable.  That does not mean that we do not encourage socialization.  Just like you are doing a disservice to not socialize a child and hoover over them,  same goes for dogs.

What if I don't want my dog socialized?  We respect your wishes and your dog will be boarded separate and given alone time in the dog park, given farm walks and all other perks that go with staying at Sutton Place.

Are all dogs socialized?  No,  it is at our discretion.

Who is the primary caretaker at Sutton Place Pet Boarding?  Michael and Suzette Sutton are primary caretaker's.    I have loved being a care taker of animals for the past 30 years. I believe in dog care less is more and the quieter less confusion of people in the dog compound makes for a calmer visit for the dogs.

What type of payment does Sutton Place accept?  We accept paypal email is    cash or check at time of boarding.  If you plan on booking 3 days,  the 3 days are paid at drop off and if you decide to pick up early we will refund unused time.

What time is check out time?  Check out time is 11:00 am so as long as you pick up your pet before 11am you will not be charged for an additional day.  If you wish to have a morning drop off they must be done and you must be available between the hours of 7:00 am and 9:00 am. in order to not be charged for an additional day.  Evening drop offs are charged for an additional day.  Pick up times after 11:00 am are charged at a rate of $2.50 per hour. Same as our daycare rate.

How do I contact Sutton Place Pet boarding?  Call  or text.   (304) 800 -7407

What size dogs do you board? Any size as long as they are house trained, or crate trained.


Will you board a Non spayed or neutered dog?  I will,  however they must be kept separate so openings are based on availability at the time.

Do dogs get a bath before going home?  This is a farm.  Sometimes we get dirty,  sometimes we don't.  If your dog needs a bath and is comfortable taking one we will provide one free of charge.  If the dog doesn't really need a bath we won't do one because we want your dog to enjoy their stay at Sutton Place and many dogs prefer not to have a bath.

What if my dog is injured at Sutton Place?  We will notify you if severe and work with you professionally.  But realize this is a socialized boarding facility and small scratches and scrapes are going to happen.  You will be asked to sign a release of liability while your pet stay's with us at Sutton Place.  Things can happen just as they happen to any of us as we walk out the door everyday.  It is more risk participating in socialization but worth for the happiness and exercise value of most dogs.  We truly care and are on top of everything all the time,  but like you,  we are mortal and not without flaws.