Dog Boarding Price

Sutton place dog boarding accepts house dogs.  Dog's must be house trained.  Dog's must have immunization vet records prior to boarding. 


Boarding price is $25.00 per 24 hour day.  

Additional dogs in same family,  each additional dog is $15.00 per 24 hours.

Animals are in climate controlled indoor home environment with TV, couches, beds and all the comforts of home.  Dogs have 24 hour human companionship with long walks, homemade dog treats, Dog park onsite at Sutton Place non kennel pet boarding.

Dogs are never required to be in cage or kennel.  If your dog is crate trained,  you are welcome to bring it.  Dogs are not just fed, watered and kept alive.  They are here to have the time of their life.  Sutton place pet boarding has full time activities.  We are with your pet 24 hours per day.  We play with them, nap with them and love them.  We have nature hikes, bird watching, swimming and freedom runs in the 2 acre dog park.

Our promise to the dog owner is to make your time away from your dog as stress free as possible.  We are always here.  Short notice is ok.  Pick up and drop off times are lax if your running a few minutes early or late.  You are free to go and do what you need to do without the worry about your pet.  Your pet is not boarding.  Your pet is having an adventure. ;-)

Please bring food of dogs choice and any medications, toys or bedding that will make your bet more comfortable.

Playtime, treats, potty breaks and love are always free. :-)

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